Library Jail

I have officially been a Teen Librarian for a year now!  Sometimes its still a little surreal that I actually have my dream job and people are paying me to do it. And sometimes I’m sitting at the YS help desk watching small children run amok screaming their heads off and pulling all the books of the shelves, and I’m counting down the minutes until I can escape. But even on the worst days I never ask myself why I wanted this job so badly.

On one such day when I was trying to get work done while a couple two year olds were terrorizing the library I hear a mother say to her child “If you don’t stop doing that and behave she is going to throw you in library jail.”
The child and I then exchanged a look as we processed the idea of this newfound power i had over him, the keys to Library Jail were mine to wield. He was unfazed. I was intrigued. Some days it would be super handy to have a jail cell I could throw people in when they refused to behave. However I can’t imagine that many of the ill-behaving patron’s parents would be too keen on the idea.
And in reality I want the kids to come to the library and I want them to love spending time at the library, and I would never do anything to discourage them from coming. Not even throw them in library jail.

So here I sit. One year in. I’ve learned a lot in the past year. Had a slew of different experiences, some good and some bad. But even after a year this is still my dream job, and it has lived up to my expectations, even exceeded them.

so naturally now is the time to start a blog and share my experiences with all of you.

Hope you enjoy, and Welcome to Library Jail!


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