Road Trip!

Summer Reading Program is over, school is starting back up, and summer is officially coming to a close. So in honor of last minute summer plans I have put up a Road Trip! display in the teen section of the library!

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The Monday Review: Realistic Fantasy

Hermione Winters is going into her senior year of high school and she has it all figured out. She knows who she is and how this year will go, and then everything will change. But change comes sooner than anticipated when she gets drugged and raped during cheer camp. Suddenly nothing is how she thought it would be, and things may never be the same again.

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The Monday Review: Anyone Can be a Superhero

Three people, a store clerk, a mom, and a construction worker, and a goldfish are suddenly and unexpectedly imbued with superpowers. Before they can begin to process what has happened to them and what it means they are attacked by aliens who want their powers. The new heroes have never met before, but they’re going to have to work together if they want to survive this.  Continue reading

Handy Craft Night!

Craft nights are a very simple program. They involve a bit of clean up afterword but usually you can just set the teens loose with the craft supplies and sit back. And since my group is mostly girls I like to take advantage this. So this week we decoupaged Altoid Tins, which was not only a fun craft, but the end result is is pretty useful! Continue reading

The Monday Review: Dream Boys aren’t Always Dreamy…

Alice has made up the perfect boy, and she sees him every time she dreams. He is sweet and fun and takes her on crazy adventures, and makes sure she’s always safe. She is madly in love with him and no other boy will ever compare. But then she moves to a different city, and on her first day at her new school she sees him. Max. The boy she dreams about nearly every night. Only this time he’s very real.  Continue reading

Welcome to the Hunger Games!

I’m still trying to wrap my head around the fact that it is already August and Summer Reading is over. June and July were crazy busy with at least one Teen program every week, and hordes of kids at the library, and since it was summer reading the programs had to be bigger and better than the usual fare. It was my first Summer Reading Program and it was a little overwhelming at the beginning when I was trying to get everything planned and put together. Continue reading

The Monday Review: HellYes! to HellCat


I love reading graphic novels, but superhero comics have never really been my thing. I read Ms. Marvel, and the new Thor, and Spider Gwen and Silk. And they’re good but I don’t enjoy them as much as Lumberjanes, Jem and the Holograms, Cleopatra in Space, or Giant Days.
But this weekend I picked up the new HellCat. I’d heard good things about it so I purchased it for the collection and I wanted to see what it was about before I gave it to the teens. And oh my word I was blown away.

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