Handy Craft Night!

Craft nights are a very simple program. They involve a bit of clean up afterword but usually you can just set the teens loose with the craft supplies and sit back. And since my group is mostly girls I like to take advantage this. So this week we decoupaged Altoid Tins, which was not only a fun craft, but the end result is is pretty useful!As crafts go this one is pretty simple. All you need isimage (18)

  • Altoid Tins
  • Scrapbook paper
  • Buttons (Ribbons and other embellishments would work too)
  • Mod Podge
  • Dimensional Magic Mod Podge
  • Paint brushes
  • Scissor
  • Pencils
  • Paint dishes

Pick out what paper you want to use, you can use the same color/pattern on both the top and bottom or you can use complementary colors/patterns. Starting with the bottom, put your Altoid tin on the paper and trace around it. Then cut out the shape and trim it down so it won’t stick out over the edges of your tin. Paint some mod podge onto the bottom of your tin and place the paper on it, you may want to press it down onto the table to make sure the edges get stuck down firmly.

Then cut out a strip of paper to wrap around the edge of the tin. Just make sure the paper doesn’t come up past the place were the lid comes down or it won’t close well. Paint mod podge around the edge and stick the paper down, then paint more mod podge in an even layer over all the paper.

When that is dry trace the top of the tin onto the paper you want to use for the top. Cut it out and stick it down. Then if you want you can cut out a thin strip to go around the side of the cover. When that is all stuck down paint over it with more mod podge and then pick out your embellishments while it dries.

If you want to put buttons on top, put a little bit of mod-podge on the buttons and then stick them down. When everything you want it stuck in place and the mod podge has dried its time for the dimensional magic mod podge. Pipe a line of this around the edge of your tin and then slowly fill in the space. If you try to go quickly you will end up with a lot of bubbles that are impossible to get rid of. If  you have thick things like buttons you want to make sure the dimensional mod podge goes over the top of them. This will give your tin a cool look and make sure the buttons won’t get scraped off.

The dimensional magic mod podge had to dry for at least three hours and it needs to sit perfectly level until its dry. If it gets tilted the dimensional mod podge will run off and make a mess.

Once the tins are thoroughly dried they are cute and make a great little container to carry in your purse. You can use them to keep headphones from getting tangled, or carry small things like flash drives or hair accessories that would get lost in your purse.

My teens loved this craft. They thought the tins were a great idea and making them was a lot of fun, they even asked if they could make more than one.

If you have a lot of guys in your group you could offer this as a mother’s day craft and have the make the tins as a present for their mom. Its very versatile.



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