The Monday Review: Anyone Can be a Superhero

Three people, a store clerk, a mom, and a construction worker, and a goldfish are suddenly and unexpectedly imbued with superpowers. Before they can begin to process what has happened to them and what it means they are attacked by aliens who want their powers. The new heroes have never met before, but they’re going to have to work together if they want to survive this. 

This graphic novel was a fun twist on the ‘chosen one’ trope. Aliens in a distant galaxy have a prophecy about heroes that will be chosen and they assemble a team of the perfect pwrp2heroes to fulfill the prophecy. But the heroes are chosen on earth and they don’t fit the expected mold.
But the fact that they aren’t the ‘chosen ones’ doesn’t hold them back. They’re confused about what happened to them but they accept it and try to make the best of it. And they’re successful.

And on top of subverting the chosen one trope this book also ignores gender stereotypes and includes LGBTQ characters in a casual pu3-1fashion. Two of the three couples in the book are LGBTQ. And Kevin, the construction worker gets a girly costume with his super powers, and instead of being embarrassed and refusing to wear it he wears it with pride.

This is a fun story and a good lesson. I highly recommend it.


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