Road Trip!

Summer Reading Program is over, school is starting back up, and summer is officially coming to a close. So in honor of last minute summer plans I have put up a Road Trip! display in the teen section of the library!

I got the idea off a picture I saw on Pinterest and I absolutely love how it turned out. Finding a good selection of books that had road trips in them was a little difficult but it was totally worth it. This is the most elaborate display I have done so far (meaning it has the most signage) but it was still super easy to put together.

Normally I like to have one simple sign and then let the book on display do the rest, but the abundance of signs in the display was actually helpful as I don’t have all that many road trip books in my collection.

For signs I grabbed some clip art of blank signs off google and filled them in with things like “Read” and a silhouette of a girl reading. There is a green highway sign that says “Road Trip” and a line of paper’s tapped together to create a road. And my personal favorite sign, “Plot Twist Ahead”!

The end results looked like this:

image (17)image (16)

The road turned out a little steeper than I would have liked but there’s not much I can do about that. Overall its a pretty easy display to throw together and it looks really cute and fun!


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