Its Quidditch Time

In the past I have done a few book themed events based on popular series. These events have generated a lot of hype so when I stumbled across a tutorial for making Table Quidditch I couldn’t let the opportunity pass. 


Making your own Table Quidditch is very simple, here’s what you need:

3 glass bottles
3 dowel rods (or 2 depending on how tall you want them to be)
3 sewing hoops
1 ping-pong ball
gold spray paint
hot glue gun

Once you have all your stuff you need to decide how tall you want your Quidditch hoops to be. this will partially depend on the size of your glass bottles. Measure and cut your dowels down to size, in the movies the three Quidditch hoops are all on different levels, but for my game I made the middle one taller and the two on the sides were equal height. (if you want your two outer hoops to be the same size you can buy 2 dowels and cut one in half, then trim the other one down to an appropriate size.)

After cutting your dowels to the preferred size you need to drill a hole through the top of them and attach your sewing hoops.

Next get out your bottles and fill them with sand. Then insert the dowels into the bottles and make sure you have enough sand to keep them stable. Once you are satisfied with the sand levels cap the bottles with hot glue to prevent the sand from getting out and to keep the dowels in place.

Once the glue is dry you are ready to paint. Grab your Quidditch hoops and your ping-pong ball and spray paint them all gold.

Viola! You have your very own set of Quidditch hoops and a golden snitch.

In the tutorial I was following they cut wings out of foam paper and glued them onto the snitch, and the snitch was then used to end the game. I thought bouncing a ping-pong ball with wings would be difficult so I left them out and had the kids use the gold ball for the whole game, but really the choice is yours, make it your own!

For those who are interested here is the link to the tutorial I followed: Easy DIY Quidditch Game

Once your hoops are complete you are ready to play table Quidditch! For this part you need a long table and 20 cups. I put two 4 foot tables together to create and 8 foot table and that worked pretty well for us. A 6 foot table would work as well.

Put your Quidditch hoops in the middle of the table and set up ten cups in a triangle on either end. (yes this is like beer pong. But for library purposes we’re leaving the beer out.) I weighed down the cups with marbles to keep them from falling when hit with the ball.

The object of the game is to bounce the ball through the hoop and into your opponent’s cup. When the ball lands in your cup remove it from the table, the game goes till one player is out of cups. If you can get the ball through the hoop AND into a cup you get 2 points. If it missed the hoop but lands in a cup you get 1 point. Whoever has the most points at the end wins.

My teens had a really good time playing this game, but games lasted way longer than I’d anticipated. I’m not sure I will do an entire event around this game again, but it will be fun to get out on game nights for whoever wants to play.


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