Library Friend

As a librarian working at the children’s help desk I get to meet a lot of cute kids. Some of these kids want nothing to do with me. Some just want my help. And others want to become instant friends.

img_3652  This is Jocelyn. (Yes I got permission from her mother to take/use this photo). Shortly after she arrived in the library for the first time we were playing peek-a-boo across the desk. And shortly after that She was standing on my side of the desk demanding to be picked up.
So I got her in my lap, and she sat with me while I worked. It was hilarious and fun, even though I could only understand about a third of what she said.

Today Jocelyn came back to the library, and was once again very eager to see me. We talked about putting her brother on the school bus and she introduced me to her mom (who I had already met) and she prattled on about a lot of things that neither her mom nor I could understand. Then she went to look for books.

At this point another family had arrived in the library and wanted help looking for a biography. When someone asks me to show them where a type of book is I like to slide the first and last book out a little ways so they can easily see the range of books they need to look at. As I was doing this Jocelyn came over and pulled every book I slid out off the shelf and hand it to the family saying “here you go!”
It was slightly not helpful, but completely adorable, she may have a future as a librarian.


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