The Monday Review: Pack Your Bags for NYC

Harper wants to be a journalist. But her California small town is not the kind of place that fosters such ambitions. She wants to go to New York City. So when she gets a chance to apply for an internship at an elite teen Magazine she does everything she can to make sure her application stands out. And when she gets offered the position as Teen Dating Blogger intern nothing can stop her from taking it. There’s only one problem. Harper has never dated anyone. And the story she used in her application essay wasn’t hers.I was very eager to read this book because it sounded fun and cute, and I was in need of another fun and cute book. And it didn’t disappoint, packed full of awkward run-ins, pug little-black-dresses-little-white-lies-9781481459891_hrproms, scary editors, social media, and fashion it was a highly enjoyable read.
Harper’s writing is full of snark and sass, but she’s not a mean girl and she doesn’t want to be mean, she just wants to be funny. But there’s a fine line between cruel and funny and learning to walk it takes some trial and error. And sometimes results in very harsh social media feedback.
Harper’s summer in the city isn’t everything she hoped it would be. And she faces a lot of pressure, some self-inflicted, to become a person she doesn’t want to be.
At the end of the book Harper has to admit to herself that she screwed up, multiple times. And that she knew what she was doing when she did it, but chose to do it anyway. It was good to see her own up to her mistakes and stop making excuses for herself. And although there is some solid romance at the end, and a lot of lessons about dating and relationships all through out, the book emphasizes the importance of girl-friendships over relationships.



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