The Monday Review: Not Your Average Hero

Huck doesn’t want to be famous, he just wants to make people happy. He’s not happy when a newcomer in town tells the media about him, but he makes the most of it. When his newfound fame offers him a chance to meet his long lost mother and brother he realizes that maybe being outed was a good thing. But meeting his family doesn’t go quite as planned, not everyone is who they say they are, and someone has sinister plans for Huck.

huck01_cvrThis is a really good story. Huck is just a such a sweet guy. And really all he cares about is making people happy. After being inundated with superheroes like Iron Man, who are all about the fame, Huck is refreshing.

And Huck’s story is touching, the things he does to help people, and the way he takes on anything anyone asks him too. It’s incredible the way he’s always so eager to help, even when people are taking advantage of him. But despite the fact that he’s referred to as ‘slow’ several times, he’s really not. He’s just guileless. They refer to him as slow because he’s not self-centered or self-serving.

It was great to see a character that was undervalued by all the “important” people go on to save the day despite what they think about him. And he didn’t have to become more like them to do, Huck was victorious by just being himself.

I enjoyed reading this story and I hope there will be more.


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