Anti-Valentine’s Day Party

I hear a lot of grumbling from my teens about their single status, so when Valentine’s Day fell on a Tuesday this year (our regular program day) I decided to host an Anti-Valentine’s Day party. This turned out to be a lot of fun for me to plan and a lot of fun for the teens, a win-win!

First I started with an angsty conversation heart craft. I cut out a bunch of different img_3949colored heart, got out the glitter glue and the sharpies and went to town on some samples! Then I just set out the supplies for the kids and let them take it in whatever direction they wanted. They loved it!

Then I found a pattern for making voodoo dolls!
All that was required for this project was

  • felt
  • embroidery floss
  • buttons
  • pins
  • needles
  • freezer paper
  • poly-fill

This is a slightly more complicated craft than the angsty conversation hearts but still fairly simple.  I started with this template with two sizes so the Teens could choose if they wanted to make a bigger or smaller doll.
voodoo-doll-templateThen you trace the shape onto your freezer paper. You can modify the shape giving it a bigger head and thicker body or making the limbs lopsided, its up to you. Once you have it traced onto your freezer paper you choose what color felt you want and pin the freezer paper to two pieces of felt. (pin it to two and cut both sides out at the same time so they will be mostly identical.) Then cut it out!
Do the same with the heart but use a different color of felt.
Once you have your felt pieces cut out pick the top piece and give it eyes and a mouth, sew img_3947on the heart and add any random stitches that you want! Once your satisfied with how it looks line the two pieces up again and pin them together so they won’t slip while you’re sewing. Then start in the armpit and sew your way around the outside of the doll until you reach the top of the foot below where you started so there is a hole running up the side of the body. Use this hole to stuff your doll with polly-fill. Make sure you really get the poly-fill down into the arms, legs and head. Then sew it the rest of the way and you’re done!

I originally got this idea from this site but the link to the actual instructions for making a voodoo doll didn’t work img_3946for me, so then I switched over to this site where I got the idea for the eyes and the misshapen head. I kept the idea of random stitching on the body from the first site though!

I found this to be a really fun craft and the kids were really excited about it, some of them did get a little frustrated with the complications of sewing though.

And finally to tie everything together since this was a special event instead of our usual snackage of chips and prepackaged cookies I ordered custom cookies from a local bakery. They were already making heart shaped sugar cookies for Valentines day so I asked them to frost them and write angsty coversation heart things on them. (I placed my order in advance to make sure they would have enough). The lady who runs the shop was very excited about our order and they turned out really well, plus they were delicious!

All in all it was a very successful night and may become an annual event!





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